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President's Message

With the spirit of Learning / Serving

I wish to offer my warmest greetings to those visiting our website. Hope you find valuable opportunity to meet COPION's continuous efforts to nurture global citizens and relieve problems in the world through our partnership with international civil society.
Young Sun Lee, President of COPION


Hope For Children Program

At Ethiopian Schools, Changes Under Way to Make a Better Tomorrow

I In a small city called Adama in Ethiopia stands a humble school where hundreds of children gather every day. Many of the students, either orphans or just as vulnerable because of poverty, travel miles every morning not only for education but to find what children of their ages need the most: love and care. more


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COPION, Inc., is an Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization under the auspice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea, which aims at contributing to the establishment of global civil society by dispatching Korean youth and senior volunteers to the third world countries regularly and assisting the developmental works of their local NGOs financially.

COPION is an NGO with Special Consultative Status in UN ECOSOC

COPION (COoperation and Participation In Overseas NGOs) is an NGO with Special Consultative Status in UN ECOSOC.
In July 2010, COPION (COoperation and Participation In Overseas NGOs) became an NGO granted Special Consultative Status from UN ECOSOC as we got all the credit for the support & effort what we have done to make a better world. continue reading...

Korean NGO; networking with local NGOs in the world

COPION started its global programs in 1999 as a part of volunteer promotion campaign of Joongang Ilbo (Korea Central Daily), and has since dispatched more than 3,000 Korean youth and senior volunteers to about 140 overseas local NGOs in 43 countries of the third world in Asia, Africa, and/or Middle and South America. In addition, it has provided financial assistances to a variety of developmental works of the third world NGO networks: such as study room for children of poor families, well sinking, computer education, etc.

The second/new start: from KOPION to COPION

COPION announced the second start of the organization in February of 2008 with a new global vision of contributing more to the building of global civil society and with a new changed name of COPION (COperation and Participation In Overseas NGOs) from the long existing name of KOPION (KOrean Pioneers In Overseas NGOs). The new COPION will be expanding further its global work boundaries by specializing more its program of
dispatching Korean youth and senior volunteers and by cooperating more with the third world countries' local NGOs for their developmental works for poor families and children. COPION can be called the only international NGO in Korea which has a global NGO network connected with a variety of overseas local NGOs across the world.



Phone #: (82-2) 733-1387~9 / Fax #: (82-2) 733-1386